机械学院学术报告——Instabilities for Dynamically Tunable Patterns and Functions of Soft Materials

发布日期:2019-04-11 作者:机械工程与力学学院



报告题目:Instabilities for Dynamically Tunable Patterns and Functions of Soft Materials

报告人:Dr. Stephan Rudykh  ​Department of Mechanical Engineering, University of Wisconsin Madison


Abstract : Nature actively uses sophisticated designs of microstructures to achieve astonishing material properties and functionalities. Thus, microstructures give rise to the incredible toughness of mother-of-pearl. Another example is an octopus, an amazingly effective soft machine created by the nature. The creature can squeeze its whole body through an extremely narrow space while preserving a large variety of functionalities. The nature created soft machine comprises highly deformable composites that are characterized by different dynamically tunable microstructures and phase properties, depending on the required functionalities. Indeed, such materials are highly desirable for many applications including human-interactive soft robotics, and novel actuators and sensors, and biomedical devices.

In this presentation, I will specifically focus on the role of microstructures in the performance of deformable multifunctional composites. We will consider how large deformations and elastic instabilities can be used to trigger dramatic pattern transformations, and to control a large variety of functionalities; in particular, the design of switchable acoustic metamaterials will be discussed. Recently discovered new type of instability-induced domain formations in soft composites will be presented.Analytical and numerical findings, as well as experimental results of 3D-printed soft composites will illustrate the ideas.

Dr. Stephan Rudykh is Assistant Professor at the University of Wisconsin Madison. Prior to the appintment, he was on the Technion Faculty, which he joined after his postdoctoral training in Mary Boyce Lab at the MIT. Stephan Rudykh gained his PhD from the Ben-Gurion University; he was a visiting graduate student at Caltech (with Prof. Kaushik Bhattacharya) and Harvard (with Prof. Katia Bertoldi). Stephan received his MS and BS from Saint-Petersburg Polytechnical University.Rudykh’s research focuses on the mechanics and physics of soft microstructured materials including soft active materials, bioinspired materials, switchable functional composites, and biological tissues. He uses a combination of analytical and computational approaches, as well as 3D printing and experiments to understand the nonlinear behavior of these materials.

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