建工论坛172讲-Developing Bridge Engineering Technologies to Meet Challenges

发布日期:2017-11-29 作者:建筑工程与环境学院

Developing Bridge Engineering Technologies to Meet Challenges


主讲人:W. Phillip Yen, PhD, PE 颜文晖博士/主席



Abstract: Our highways are built to transport goods and people, and connect nations, states and cities. As such, they are our lifelines to deliver daily needs such as food, water, and communication with other locations. Built to serve human needs in this modern world, they are also constructed to resist all extreme conditions and protect our lives and properties. Among all transportation infrastructures, bridge is one of the most important elements and need to be functioning in all circumstances. The technologies we use today in building bridges will need to meet the future challenges, including the economic growing, extreme events, and public demands in the construction and delivery speed.
This presentation will (1) start with the review of the current issues and difficulty of bridge structures, including the aging infrastructure and the public demand in bridge construction, and then (2) discuss the consistency of bridge design criteria with the multi-hazards and resilience. In addition, (3) the accelerated bridge construction technology will be introduced to address the public expectation. The (4) bridge operation and management will also be briefly discussed and a summary will be provided at the very end.
Note: A Q&A session will be provided after the presentation


颜文晖博士,美国弗吉尼亚大学土木工程暨应用力学博士(1991)。现任国际桥梁抗震协会主席与国际无缝桥协会执行主席。曾任美国联邦交通部首席桥梁工程师,他直接参与并领导完成了两项重要地震工程文献:联邦公路署新颁布的关于公路桥梁、隧道等方面的抗震加固改造使用手册与新通过的AASHTO公路桥梁抗震设计指南。2009 10 月,荣获美国交通部联邦公路署颁布的最高成就奖。20032月,由联邦公路署提名20 世纪美国顶级抗震工程师奖。被联邦公路管理局誉为2000年“年度工程师”。多次荣获由美国交通部颁发的优秀奖项,其中包括1999年的优秀工程师奖。